Stuttgarter Bärentreffen 2024 - Stuttgart, Germany - May 8, 2024

Stuttgarter Bärentreffen 2024 - Stuttgart, Germany - May 8, 2024
Location: Stuggart, Germany
Date: May 8, 2024


Get ready to roar with excitement because the Stuttgarter Bären are back for a rip-roaring rendezvous from May 8th through May 12th, 2024! Stuttgart, Germany, is set to become a burly bear's playground, hosting a four-day extravaganza that's more than just a meet-up; it's a collision of culture, celebration, and community that's set to be super-duper-mega-amazing!

As the stars align in the cosmos of coincidences, this year's gathering promises to be the most stupendously spectacular yet! Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Gaydelight party promises to be an explosive Thursday event. But wait, there's more — the Eurovision Song Contest finale booms in sync with our Bear Disco, bringing a crescendo of glitter and glam to the bear beats!

Let's talk program because the Stuttgarter Bärentreffen 2024 has rolled out a cornucopia of festivities. Kicking off with an exclusive presale for the Bear Enclosure XXL at Gaydelight and the Bear Disco XXL complete with an ESC Viewing Party, your excitement will peak with a total of 14 (!!!) diverse events. From heart-thumping dances to jovial camaraderie, these five days will be a whirlwind of bear bonanza.

But a heads up to all our furry friends — as this beartastic gathering overlaps with the Stuttgart Spring Festival, hotel prices are a tad on the rise. Our bear-whisperer tip? Book a room early at the fan favorites: Premier Inn Stuttgart City Centre or City Europaviertel, snuggled close to the main station for all your party-hopping needs.

So, are you ready to mark your calendar, pack your best leather, and prepare for the bear hug of the year? With the presale now open, why not gift this experience for the holidays or treat yourself to the ultimate bear bash? Bernd, Christian, Dirk, Marco, Marcus, Michael, Musie, Stephan, and Till from the bear team can't wait to welcome you to THE LÄ LÄ LÄND of Stuttgart!


Visit the official Stuttgarter Bärentreffen website for more information!